Radio Scientists that we just made up, have discovered that there are 102 Ways To Get Your Rocks Off. This was good for us because the word Rock and the number 102 are both in there. Nice. Anyhoo, it's good for YOU, because we tracked down all 102 Ways. Now, we're dyin to give em away!

Which one will YOU choose?

Something sporty like The Masters in Augusta? How about Football in England, or The Kentucky Derby? Something sexy like a free boob job for your wife, a trip to Vince Neil's Topless joint in Vegas or a complete one-night tour of the LA Porn movie scene? That one ends with a live shoot, and no, you're not in it. O.k., maybe a little.

There are exactly 102 Ways to Get Your Rocks Off. There's only one place to do it, and that's The Rock.

How To Win

The easy way for you to win is to Listen to The Rock. We hit the giant "Call Us Now" button weekdays at 8, 11, 2 , and 5. Be the 9th caller through at 306-938-3733 to qualify and tell us what you want to do to Get Your Rocks Off! We're gonna reward one winner with their ultimate fantasy every Friday morning with Shack, Watson & Whitney!

Easiest. Contest. Ever.

Oh, to keep our legal department happy, they wanted you to know you can click here for a full list of contest rules.


  1. Drive A Ferrari on the Autobahn
  2. All-In On One Bet
  3. Fly a Fighter Jet
  4. Real Life Construction Sandbox
  5. UFC VIP Package
  6. Whitewater Rafting on the Grand Canyon
  7. Drive a Real Tank
  8. Tour the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  9. Cuban Cigar Tour
  10. Year Supply of Beer
  11. Topless Resort in Cancun
  12. Houseboating in the ShuSwap
  13. Explore Alcatraz
  14. Follow the Steps of Tony Soprano
  15. Pearl Jam Live in Seattle
  16. NHL Game in Phoenix
  17. Hershey Chocolate Factory Tour
  18. Shopping Spree in Beverly Hills
  19. Live NYC New Year's Eve Party
  20. Tofino Surf Trip
  21. Rope Walk the CN Tower
  22. Cold Fire Creek Dog Sled Tour
  23. Free Weekly Massages for a Year
  24. VIP Dinner with John Gormley
  25. Best Seats the House for Grey Cup
  26. Canada Day on Parliament Hill
  27. National Finals Rodeo in Vegas
  28. Meal Service for a Year
  29. Black Sabbath Live in London
  30. Free Gas for a Year
  31. Skydiving in California
  32. VIP Dinner with Glen Suitor
  33. Tour of Pearl Harbor
  34. Climb Kilimanjaro
  35. Family Getaway to Disneyland
  36. Free Hot Tub Fully Installed
  37. Naked Bungee Jumping
  38. California Wine Tasting Weekend
  39. Ultimate Home Theater
  40. Cooking Lessons with Shack
  41. Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  42. The Breaking Bad Tour
  43. Christmas in Mexico
  44. Maid Service for a Year
  45. Paintballing in L.A.
  46. Comic Con in San Diego
  47. African Safari Adventure
  48. Walk the Great Wall of China
  49. Ultimate Western Ranch Fishing Trip
  50. Bon Jovi Live in Montreal
  51. Week Trip to the Bahamas
  1. Route 66 Road Trip
  2. Race School at Infineon Raceway
  3. The Oregon Brewers Festival
  4. Alaskan Cruise
  5. KISS Cruise III
  6. Live Soccer Game in England
  7. Sun of a Beach Festival
  8. Two Tickets to Anywhere
  9. Northern Saskatchewan Fishing Trip
  10. Bonaroo Festival
  11. Detroit Auto Show and Luxury Car Rental
  12. Ride with a Pro in NASCAR
  13. Cabela's Shopping Spree
  14. Graceland VIP Package
  15. Ultimate Hot Air Balloon Ride
  16. Area 51 Tour
  17. Boston Movie Mile Walking Tour
  18. Horseback through Banff
  19. Grand Canyon by Helicopter
  20. Learn To Fly A Plane
  21. White Water Rafting in Jasper
  22. NHL Tour of the Original Six
  23. UFO Festival New Mexico
  24. Big Apple Sports Adventure
  25. Free Golf Cart
  26. Free Baguettes in Paris
  27. Trip to the Consumer Electronics Show
  28. Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany
  29. Trip to Vince Neil's Topless Club
  30. Chicago Gangster Tour
  31. Trip to the Masters Golf Tournament
  32. Boob Job
  33. Backyard Makeover
  34. Trip to the US Open
  35. Ski Indoors in Dubai
  36. Pub Crawl through London
  37. Red Light District Tour of Amsterdam
  38. Hedonism in Jamaica
  39. Russkie Dating Service in Moscow
  40. Sicily Godfather Tour
  41. Cowboy Style Relaxing at La Reata Ranch
  42. Trip to Swingers Caribbean Cruise
  43. Round of Golf at Pebble Beach
  44. Carnival in Rio De Janero
  45. Trip to Sturgis Rally
  46. The Porn Star Tour of LA
  47. Saint Patrick's Day in Dublin Ireland
  48. New Year's Eve in Vegas
  49. The Buffalo Wing Festival
  50. The Kentucky Derby
  51. The Vegas Mob Tour
Go Anywhere Ferrari in Frankfurt St. Patrick's Day in Dublin Black Sabbath Surfing in Tofino Naked Bungee Oktoberfest Skydiving Resort in Cancun San Diego Comic Con Safari in Africa Sturgis Rally